What is sustainable architecture? The first thing that most people understand is that it should be environmentally friendly. The main idea is to use environmentally friendly techniques and materials during the construction process, taking into account site conditions and incorporating them into the design whenever possible, seeking to minimize the negative impact of buildings through efficient energy consumption and space development. It also means using materials that minimize the environmental footprint of the structure, whether due to energy-intensive manufacturing processes or long transportation distances. It is our responsibility to consider employing systems in the design that take advantage of waste and reuse it as efficiently as possible.


Therefore, we think about how buildings function in their local environment and what impact it has on the global environment. Our goal is that PEM ARQUITECTURA meet the needs of our generation in a way that does not reduce the opportunities of the next. This means that we strive to find the balance between the environment, economic growth and social sustainability in architecture.


Environmentally friendly architecture: We need to understand how architecture influences the environment. During the planning phase, we analyze factors such as location, form and solutions that affect energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. When designing the space, efficiency and flexibility are the criteria that guide us in the process. We choose materials that minimize resource consumption and environmental impact throughout their useful life. We use specialized tools to respond to specific requirements, for example in working with natural light and ventilation and energy consumption.


Economic architectural design: This involves an understanding of how architecture affects the finances of developers, users and society. We minimize resource consumption by focusing on flexible and efficient solutions. Last but not least, we design efficient and durable solutions that can withstand years of use, with the lowest possible operating and maintenance costs.


Social architectural design: It involves understanding how architecture affects people. We create good and safe spaces, with good lighting, visibility, acoustics, pleasant temperature and fresh air. We create spaces that stimulate the senses and evoke emotions. We listen to builders, developers, authorities, users and partners, bringing the results of our conversations to each project.


There are infinite possibilities to improve projects from a climatic, economic and social point of view. Our job is to identify as many of these opportunities as possible.