The firm is led by its partners Mariano Javier Pignotti and Emiliano Martin Pignotti, graduates from the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Urbanism of the University of Buenos Aires. After collaborating with several studios, in 2015 PEM ARQUITECTURA was founded in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina.


The designs developed by the studio, share a sense of search, directed towards the construction of an architectural language of their own. Each of them are conceived as a new opportunity for reflection on the ways of doing architecture, the analysis of new technologies, the relationship with the urban environment and a careful analysis of the context surrounding the architectural production. Developing projects that extend geographically in the local and international sphere.



The team is made up of professionals from various activities: architects, interior designers, administrative and creative commercials.
This multidisciplinary nature allows us to face projects with guarantees. In this sense, the studio becomes a place of search where the conventional themes of architecture are re-formulated considering the environment, the climate, the economic and personal factors that could affect the people who will inhabit the spaces.

Mariano Pignotti

Founder - Director

Emiliano Pignotti

Founder - Director