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Construction site report

This is a commercial space, located very close to Wynwood Park in Miami, Florida, USA. The client's brief included a series of requirements that can be summarized in three important concepts: avant-garde, simplicity and nature. In addition to this, the project genesis had to be coherent with its purpose: a sales room and cafeteria that somehow articulates the boundary between the public and the private.


Designed on old shipping containers, Jazba was born with the purpose of becoming a young and daring brand. The heart of the project are the terraces accessible from outside the park, which opens from inside to outside, allowing a strong interaction between the two spaces.


The property was looking for a representative space in our project that could attract the attention of people walking down the street and make the most of the available space, including a small counter, sales and consumption. From the study we took the project as an opportunity to solve the space with a global proposal that would respond to the architecture and furniture design project.


In the interior, the strategy has been to solve the different requirements through the design of a large piece of counter and shelving that structures the space and solves the zoning, sales and consumption of the cafeteria.


In this way, the design was executed as an elegant architectural element, formally simple, and that would show its lightness and coherence with the natural environment in which it was located.


In addition, in relation to the green context that surrounded the hall and the accesses to the site, the need to include an open and ample space that would be part of the sales room, but also a meeting and contemplation point for the clients, was considered. This is how the idea of the Access Deck was born, being the anteroom that welcomes customers. The central sales space was also a great challenge.


The client's request was still aligned with a concept of simplicity and neatness, in addition to wanting to have an illuminated space, comfortable for customers and above all reflecting the Jazba spirit. The lighting was handled by means of diamond-shaped lamps suspended from the ceiling and small fixtures to provide general lighting.


This is how an interior design was defined based on the use of natural and simple materials, with a support wall with services such as cafeteria, audio and image.

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