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SURFACE AREA: 190 M2. ROOF: 190 m2


AREA. LAND: 720 m2

Construction report

As we walk through the streets, we can see a sample of construction styles.


Faced with this, the reduction of language, materiality as expression, the presence of construction as definition: concrete in its purest state, without elements that allude to the domestic, forcefully defines the boundary between the private and the public.


The front is broken down into planes that accompany the conformation of the corner, hierarchizing the pedestrian access with an esplanade saved with large concrete planes that form the access, where only the light crosses its hiatuses and it is then that the gaze stops. In an anthropized landscape (without special attractions) a new landscape is manufactured inside: direct relationship with the green courtyards and natural light are what define the character of this particular project.


The house is designed in an introverted way, generating the spaces of use towards the exterior garden. The concrete wall protects the intimacy of a family. Unlike the front, a very fluid and direct relationship is established towards the garden. The first floor can be described as a single space, in which the volumes and the interior project-oriented design provide a further connection with the exterior, adapting it to the main functions of daily life.


The meeting spaces are developed along the first floor, adding vitality to the outdoor spaces. The bedrooms are located upstairs, linking with the first floor through the vertical space.


The sober detailing combined with the form and the choice of top quality materials: porcelain tile floors in all rooms, PVC exterior openings with DVH glass systems, top quality FV faucets, custom-made interior openings, thermal conditioning of all spaces with radiant slab systems for heating and the provision of pre-installation for air conditioning systems, give the FG House an ultra-modern look, but one that is completely in keeping with its natural surroundings.

Material | System

The material constitution of the house is based on noble materials: masonry, independent concrete and iron structure. In the public area - living room, dining room, kitchen - the exposed concrete slab is the protagonist. The 3m high pivoting access door hierarchizes the scale of the entrance space. There is a contrast between the dark exterior envelope and the pure white interior. The courtyards, which generate reflections, together with the sound of the environment, make this house a good place to rest.


We worked with a route system: access is through an esplanade saved with exposed concrete planes, which intercepts the blind wall of the facade and articulates with the first courtyard of the house. The social gathering spaces open to the north, and towards the landscape. Crossing the second courtyard bellows between the public and private areas and going up one level, we find the circulation of the bedrooms, where a cantilevered slab in the master bedroom forms a semi-covered space to shelter a vehicle. The rooms live the landscape, with large windows and open-air expansions.

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